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US Rep. Moore isolating after testing positive for virus


MILWAUKEE (AP) — Wisconsin U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore says she has tested positive for COVID-19 and is in isolation.

The 69-year-old Milwaukee Democrat said in a statement she is “following guidance from my doctor and am isolating from others.”

“I am thankful to be feeling well,” the statement said.

Moore said she did not expect the virus to affect her work and encouraged the continued wearing of masks, washing of hands and practicing of social distancing.

The statement did not say when she learned she had contracted the virus or where she might have gotten it.

The Journal Sentinel reports Moore announced nearly two years ago that she had been diagnosed with cancer, which she called “a manageable cancer with proper surveillance and treatment.”

She said then that she had been diagnosed in the spring of 2018 with small-cell lymphocytic lymphoma.

When the pandemic began, Moore noted she has a compromised immune system.

Moore has been in Congress since 2005.


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