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Coping with symptoms of depression


The darker, colder days of winter are here. And daily stories about struggles with COVID-19 and political turmoil continue to fill the news. It’s a tough time for just about everyone, but for people suffering with depression, things are especially challenging.

In this week’s Badger Talks, UW Health clinical psychologist Shanda Wells says the pandemic has exacerbated things for patients living with depression. Wells says her team has seen a definite increase for people who need her services.

In particular, people who have Seasonal Affective Disorder are struggling right now, according to Wells, along with people who cope by turning to social outlets, and teenagers whose normal lives at school and with their friends are being disrupted.

In this Badger Talks, Wells talks about how people can cope if they’re experiencing symptoms of depression and how to know when it’s time to seek out professional help.


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