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Kerala: Cinemas reopen with a ‘master’ stroke | Kochi News


KOCHI: Most of the movie halls, that had remained shut for the past 10 months because of the Covid-19 lockdown, opened on Wednesday to screen Vijay-starrer ‘Master’, which released across over 500 screens in the state.
According to reports, theatres that were allowed to operate at 50% occupancy were able to sell off their tickets.

Theatres, which were allowed to operate with 50% occupancy, could sell off all tickets on the opening day.
“Around 90% of theatres in the state opened on Wednesday. The rest were bogged down by logistics issues involved in re-opening after a prolonged break,” said M C Boby, general secretary of Film Exhibitors United Organisation of Kerala (FEUOK).
There are 670 screens in the state, he said. “Some owners could not manage re-opening because of issues related to projection and sanitisation ,” he said.
Liberty Basheer, of Kerala Film Exhibitors Federation, said the response from film enthusiasts in the state was excellent and almost all the 510 screens which opened today had sold-out shows. “This is proof that people still prefer to watch movies in theatres and not just OTT platforms,’ he said.
Most of the tickets were sold out by Tuesday noon through online platforms and advance booking. Normally, Kerala does not see releases of this scale. Exhibitors said films, even those with a wide release, are normally screened in around 200 theatres. “So we can say that effectively this has the same impact because the film was released in over 500 screens,” said Basheer.
Safety protocols as advised by the health department were in place, including thermal scans, access to and provision of sanitizers and alternate seating. Vellam, a Malayalam film with Jayasurya in the lead, is set to be released next week.


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