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Storm Creek designs hats to help American Cancer Society


Donations have been down as many struggle during the pandemic, so the Minnesota-based outdoor apparel company stepped in to help.

EAGAN, Minn. — Cancer, as we know, doesn’t stop for a pandemic. When donations to the American Cancer Society dipped they decided to do something about it, and a Minnesota company stepped in to help.

“I was actually diagnosed with breast cancer; it was march of 2016,”says Kim Disch.

Kim isn’t just a five-year survivor, she’s a warrior in the war on cancer.

“I need to do good, make something good happen out of this terrible situation,” she says.

Kim volunteers with the American Cancer Society and during this pandemic, the organization says for the first time in its more than100 year history it was in danger of not being able to meet its mission.

“All these events that are their biggest fundraisers can’t take place, they have to be virtual and yeah, it’s been making a huge impact on donations,” Disch says.

Luckily a Minnesota company has its own mission of giving back, and saw American Cancer Society’s dilemma as an opportunity to help.

“We created a special hat, and we called it the “Live for Better” hat because it combines our two missions,” says Teresa Fundenberg, CEO of Storm Creek.

Storm Creek is an Eagan-based apparel Company. They teamed up with the American Cancer Society to create two winter hats that will raise money for the cause.

“Because the American Cancer Society represents and fights for all cancers, they wanted a multicolor logo that showed that,” says Fundenberg.

The hats are $29 with shipping included, and $10 of that goes directly to the American Cancer Society. To be clear, it hasn’t been an easy year for Storm Creek either, but the partnership is helping both organizations keep their missions on track.

“People like to shop local, and keep the money in their own communities, so I think it’s really neat that Storm Creek is doing this, and giving back so much to ACS to help their mission and their fight,” says Disch.

You can purchase the hat here.


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