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BINA’s Virtual Gala on Sunday, January 24 to Benefit Stroke and Brain Injury Survivors


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Show Your Appreciation to the Honorees Who Stand at Their Side

The Annual Gala of BINA Stroke and Brain Injury Assistance, chaired by Mr. Avi Schron, will be a virtual event to take place on Sunday, January 24, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. A musical performance with inspirational thoughts will be presented by international singing sensation Yonatan Razel. 

This year marks BINA’s 18 years anniversary and it is therefore fitting to bestow the BINA Founders Award upon Aharon and Chavie Glustein. BINA was founded in 2003 under the direction of Chavie Glustein several years after a close family member suffered a devastating stroke and underwent intensive rehabilitation. 

After their struggle to navigate the complex and unfamiliar maze of brain injury rehabilitation, Aharon and Chavie Glustein recognized the need to create an organized and professional system of guidance and support to ensure that no one else faced with the same challenge would be forced to fend for themselves during the long and difficult road to recovery.   

What started as a “one man” operation in the Glustein’s basement apartment with Chavie serving as director and assisting five families has evolved far beyond anything they imagined was needed or possible. As the years passed, Chavie hired a dedicated and caring staff with a range of expertise and expanded BINA’s comprehensive services to meet the increasing needs of the current total caseload of over 4,000 clients. 

Chavie Glustein has earned the respect and admiration of world-renowned brain injury professionals and the gratitude of the thousands of brain injury survivors and their families who have turned to BINA over the last 18 years.  

Dr. Cirelle Rosenblatt of Vancouver, Canada, will be honored with the Brain Injury Leadership Award. The founder and Clinical Director of Advance Concussion Clinic, British Columbia’s only dedicated concussion clinic, Dr. Rosenblatt has worked as a neuropsychologist for over 25 years in a wide range of rehabilitation medicine settings, making her a sought-after expert in neuropsychological evaluation and individual and group therapy. BINA has enjoyed a productive working relationship with Dr. Rosenblatt since the early days of the organization and is proud to pay tribute to her work.

The Excellence in Rehabilitation Award will be presented to Mordechai Shedrowitzky, a highly regarded physical therapist who since 2002 has owned and managed Rehabilitation Associates of Brooklyn, a center of excellence with four locations in the borough. With his proficiency in all therapy areas and a specialty in neurologically based deficits, combined with a kind and reassuring manner, Mordechai has earned a reputation for excellence amongst his colleagues, patients and the community and has treated countless BINA clients, making him a worthy recipient of this award.  

BINA is there every day for thousands of stroke and brain injury survivors and their families, providing lifesaving guidance and expertise assistance to children, adults and seniors who have nowhere else to turn in the aftermath of a devastating brain injury. BINA’s critical services in the areas of rehabilitation referrals, medical advocacy, case management and crisis intervention ensure that no brain injury survivor is alone as they struggle to navigate each stage of the complex rehabilitation process.

Unfortunately, the neurological damage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has presented BINA with an unprecedented and complex challenge, leading to a 20% increase in new clients since the spring, and with cases continuing to come in every week. 

BINA cannot do it alone. Please go to www.binausa.org/dinner for reservations and to place a journal ad or call 718-645-6400 for more information.


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