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Encryption has crippled my laptop…I think I’m going to have a stroke!


I encrypted my c-drive and external hard drive yesterday…it took like forever to do the 2TB external, then it did the c-drive. Same password for both.
Everything looked fine after. I think I used Disk Cryptor…i cant remember…i was hurrying and trying to do that and work…chaos.
Anyway, now my laptop wont boot at all. I get the blue screen and that it needs to be repaired…the boot config is missing or contains errors.
I cant get it to do anything with the windows cd either(no I dont have a rescue disk…I think its in storage somewhere…). It wont even let me use the Windows cd to even factory-reset it…its locked!
I can use the command prompt to get in with the Windows cd, and I can see my c-drive and external hd are now raw format, which is prob why Windows cant do anything with them. I tried using the boot repair in the same DOS window, but nothing…
I know I need to get in and remove the passwords, but how??? I think if I used another pc, I could get into my external hd and just unlock it by removing the password…but I dont know what to do about my laptop…even if I could remove the password, the entire drive where Windows lives is now RAW format…that cant be good… I see theres software that can revert RAW to NTSF and salvage your data, but I need to get in first…oh my head!:(
I think Im literally going to have a stroke bc all of my work is locked in there! My finances…everything. Omg! Im so upset I cant even remember if anything is backed up to the external hdI know I used it just to back up my iOS device so I could skip iTunes…I dont know that I bothered to back up my laptop stuff there…
Can anyone suggest anything to unravel this? Ive read on other encryption software sites that a lot of people are having issues with things turning to raw files, so i get this may be a common thing, but I havent seen any solutions except maybe EaseUS Recovery.
I literally cant recreate all this data, and I cant be down for weeks waiting for a technician to fix, so any suggestions you can give would be super!


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