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“So-Called Normal: A Memoir of Family, Depression and Resilience”


By age 15, depression and anxiety had taken their toll on Mark Henick. Clinging to an outside girder on an overpass, a deeply troubled Henick made the only decision he thought he could. And he let go. He joined us to share the story of what happened next, when a real-life angel whose bravery and strength kept him from falling, and how his search for “the man in the brown jacket” went viral around the world.

Mark’s newly released book, So-Called Normal: A Memoir of Family, Depression and Resilience, aims to break the relentless stigma of mental illness through his candid, intensely personal account of his youth, the events that led to that fateful night on the bridge, and the experiences and transformation that followed. He takes readers inside the mind of a boy who had to deal with the breakdown of his parents’ marriage, an abusive stepfather, bullying and trauma — all while trying to navigate his progressively worsening mental health. In the backdrop is a community that didn’t talk about mental illness, one where silence and maintaining the comforts of “normal” was paramount.

For more information on the book and Mark’s work to erase the stigma of mental illness, visit his website.


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