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Golf: Good stroke is important


PUTTING well, for amateurs, is often the difference between finishing among the winners or going home empty-handed. In the case of the pros, it is about missing the cut or making a decent cheque, or contending and winning.

More than a few pros and golf instructors say what makes a good putter is the quality and consistency of the strike.

Indeed, when you strike the ball with the middle of the putter face and with a good attack angle, you can control your distance. Thus, if you do this, you will more than often leave yourself tap-ins from long range.1 Focus behind the ball

Keep your head still throughout the stroke and you will keep it controlled and consistent. Focus on a spot just behind the ball at address and stay looking at it until well after you have made contact with the ball.

2 Consistent contact

The ball comes onto the face slower with a mis-strike and that is why it is impossible to control distance with inconsistent contact. A steady, centred strike lets you regulate how hard to hit the putt.

3 Upward strike

The quicker you get the ball rolling smoothly, the easier it is to predict and control distance. A slightly upward attack angle helps get the ball rolling sooner, rather than later.


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