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Don’t Be Shy During Sex. Ask For Your Share of Pleasure


Dear women don’t be shy during sex. A good sex life can be the foundation of a healthy relationship. For each one of us, consensual sex can lead to satisfaction of the mind, body and soul. Don’t stay back and not say what you want or what your body needs.
  • A good sex life should be regular and communicative.  Don’t be shy about what you want from your sexual relationship. Doing so needs you to be communicative.  Talking is a critical step to having a good sex life.
  • If you are shy to say it outright, or not sure how your partner will react, then get together and watch a film that has sexual scenes or watch an explainer on the internet about how to satisfy each other during sex.
  • Create special moments. For many couples, moods are a big factor in determines how they seek pleasure. From candles to conversations to videos and touching – a lot of these act as ice-breakers. A feel good environment can determine the sexual evening and act of making love. For few couples, this can be passionate moments, and for others it can be just a conversation leading to more. Everyone adopts to their own speed and have different triggers to a conversation that eventually lead the two to bed.
  • Learn about your body and your partner’s. This means, it’s ideal to have sex knowing being aware of where do you like being touched. Knowing your body is a first step. As women we think we needn’t put our needs upfront. But don’t do that. Put yourself first. Be out there, be communicative, be clear. Because there is no reason to land up in a situation where your pleasure is not satisfied. So what does it take to have good sex? Share with your partner your pleasure points.
  • How can you maximise your experience? For many women being shy during sex is mistaken for being coy. The two are different things.
  • Don’t want to be direct? Sensual conversations, reading a sensual paragraph from a book you like and be suggestive about your needs.
  • Lubricate. One of the best ways to even start having a good sex life is to ensure you both know the importance of lubricating. Don’t use random or unverified ways of lubricating. Use condoms or lubricating gels. Lubrication ensure you don’t have to spend time worrying whether you are wet enough or not and at least that’s one thing that won’t come in between the two of you having a good time.

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  • Sex is meant to be pleasurable for each of the partners. Explore different positions? Remember Kamasutra?
  • Don’t rush for an orgasm. For first timers, this does put some pressure. If you want to enjoy sex, then don’t make this a big goal. For some it’s the clitoral pleasure, for some it’s penetrative or any other way.
  • Don’t be shy. In sex, being shy about your needs can leave you dissatisfied.

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They say the art of seduction is knowing what they really want and slowly giving it to them in a way that takes their breath away. Sex establishes deep physical and emotional bond between couples. Don’t be shy during sex in a way that it robs you of that pleasure, that connection. Ignite passion in your relationship, and get closer to your partner.



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