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Covid can cause blood clots that can lead to stroke, says expert : The Tribune India


Our Correspondent

Hoshiarpur, February 22

Although typically considered a lung infection, Covid-19 has been found to cause blood clots that can lead to severe stroke. Experts say this can happen in any patient regardless of age and even in those with few or no symptoms. People with Covid-19 as young as 30 are experiencing strokes even when their symptoms were mild.

Dr Swati Garg, consultant-neurology at Ivy Hospital, while addressing an online session, said a suspected stroke may be confirmed by scanning the brain with CT/MRI scanning. It can lead to severe disability, bed-ridden state and even death. Advanced care can be provided in hospitals with stroke-unit. If stroke is due to a clot in the brain, the clot can either be dissolved with injectable drugs (thrombolysis) within 4.5-hours or it can be removed using special micro-catheters (mechanical thrombectomy).

If a stroke is due to brain-haemorrhage, then surgery can be done in specific cases. The strict control of sugar and blood pressure can prevent stroke, said Dr Swati.

One should act ‘FAST’ to conquer disability due to stroke. FAST stands for face-drooping on one side, weakness in one arm or leg, difficulty in speech and time lost is brain lost, she said. Symptoms to watch out for include weakness or paralysis of the extremities on one side of the body, lack of sensation in extremities on one side of the body, facial droop on one side of the face and speech impairment.


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