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Nine months after getting laid off, John Moe finds a new home for conversations about mental health


Former American Public Media/Minnesota Public Radio host John Moe is back with a new podcast, Depresh Mode, after his previous show was canceled amid layoffs over the summer.

Both Depresh Mode and its predecessor, The Hilarious World of Depression, aim to remove the stigma surrounding mental health through frank and sometimes funny conversations about the struggles of daily life with depression and other mental health conditions. Depresh Mode, produced in partnership with Maximum Fun, will allow Moe to expand beyond depression to cover topics like burnout, obsessive-compulsive disorder and how to navigate mental health apps.

Though Moe was upset about losing his job, as soon as the news of his layoff became public in June 2020, he started hearing from colleagues who were interested in working with him and from fans who relied on the show to help them navigate their own mental health issues. 


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