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Chandigarh: In 373 Covid deaths, 50+ with hypertension a deadly combo | Chandigarh News


CHANDIGARH: Hypertension was the leading underlying condition behind most of the 373 Covid-19 deaths that took place since the pandemic broke out till March 26 in the city, with 76% of the fatalities in the age group of more than 50 years of age, according to a death analysis report compiled by the health department for the first time.

A total of 65% of the victims had more than one comorbidity, 23% single comorbidity and 12% no comorbidity. The death toll as of Monday is 384.
“As one ages, there is less immunity. Those above 70 years develop high risk after Covid. As far as gender is concerned, there is a hypothesis that due to the protective hormone, estrogen, women are at less risk of severity and death owing to Covid,” said an epidemiologist.
The CFR is total number of deaths as a proportion of reported cases of a specific disease at a specific time. “Those who are between 20 and 30 years have been largely asymptomatic and super-spreaders. They need to take extra care as their closeness with immunocompromised can be risky for the latter,” said a public health expert. Cautioning about hypertension and diabetes as a risk factor, he said, “Chandigarh is known to top the charts in the country in both these non communicable diseases.”


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