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LSU official filing $50M lawsuit alleging sexual misconduct cover-up at LSU; read it here


BATON ROUGE – Attorneys representing the LSU official who recently announced plans to file a lawsuit against the school addressed the public with more on the case during an 11 a.m., Wednesday, April 7 news conference.

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Sharon Lewis, LSU’s Associate Athletic Director of Football Recruiting and Alumni Relations, told USA Today reporters that ever since she approached university officials in 2013, informing them of inappropriate behavior on the part of then-football coach Les Miles, she became the target of harassment and retaliation.

She said this mistreatment, in addition to experiencing workplace racial prejudice and gender discrimination, negatively impacted her health and well-being.

Lewis added that as an overwhelming number of women who’d been abused by prominent members of the LSU community began to speak out, she was inspired to come forward with her own account.

She is now poised to file a $50 million lawsuit against the university, accusing it of failure to adhere to Title IX policies regarding sex discrimination and sexual misconduct and of acting out of harmony with The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act (RICO), which prohibits organizations from engaging in dishonest and fraudulent business dealings.

Lewis is currently represented by attorneys Larry English, Bridgett Brown, and Tammye Brown, and footage from their Wednesday morning news conference is available to view below.


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