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Cuba advances in scientific studies on colorectal cancer – Prensa Latina


In Cuba’s largest province, Camagüey the early identification of people with the disease allows specialists to work more effectively with the support of one of Cuba’s main hospital infrastructures.

According to a report by the Cadena Agramonte website, the research carried out by a group of professionals from the Manuel Ascunce provincial hospital has facilitated to know the conditions of a significant number of patients in the third most populated region of the country.

Everto Mendez, a specialist in Gastroenterology, noted the ‘great importance of knowing the favorable risk factors for the appearance of the ailment, through consultation’ in the aforementioned healthcare institution.

Camagüey, whose professionals of the Ministry of Public Health do not neglect the fight against Covid-19, are also focused on that issue.

The recent study concluded in the territory ‘after having analyzed some 142 patients, it was determined that the male sex is the most affected, with a higher prevalence in individuals of black ethnicity and, as regards age, those over 60 years old prevail,’ the site’s report highlights.



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