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Grim reaper Covid claims 1,000 victims​



With the increasing number of cases, the number of deaths due to COVID-​​19 has also been increasing and the number of deaths has crossed the 1​,​000 mark. As many as 999 deaths had taken place till April 10 and the number is increasing swiftly.

However, when going through the death analysis done by the ​E​xperts ​Committee, it was found that the major reason for deaths include comorbid conditions mainly diabetes and hypertension and another reason is reaching late to the hospital.

The data suggests that over 48 per​ ​cent ​of the ​deceased had diabetes while 43 per​ ​cent of them had hypertension and 26 per​ ​cent had both. Similarly, the highest number of deceased falls in the age group between 61-80 years while the highest deaths took place in Shri Aurobindo Hospital.

“Yes, the number of deaths has increased in the last few days and the reason behind it is reaching late to ​the ​hospital and comorbid conditions. Patients should not neglect any symptoms of the disease and should get himself tested at fever clinics as early diagnosis can lead to early treatment and saving life,” district contact tracing in-charge Dr Anil Dongre said.

He added that the reason for the highest number of deaths in any hospital is that they have treated the highest number of patients as compared to other hospitals.

We are focusing ​on pulling down death rate: Dean

Dean of MGM Medical College Dr Sanjay Dixit said that they are focusing on pulling down the death rate. “A team of experts analy​s​e the reasons ​behind the death and the administration and department works​ on them.​ People having comorbid conditions must be extra careful and follow the ​Covid ​norms of ​using ​saniti​s​er, mask, and ​maintaining ​social distancing,” he said.

Deceased with various comorbidities

Comorbidity Total Male Female

Asthma 79 54 25

Diabetes 483 332 151

Lungs disease 13 11 3

Hypertension 433 289 144

Cardiac disease 167 129 38

No comorbidity 243 174 69

Diabetes + Hypertension 267 178 89

Diabetes+hypertension+cardiac 76 60 16


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