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A Bodybuilder and UFC Fighter Tried 3 Viral Fitness Challenges


Bodybuilder Houston Jones and professional MMA fighter Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson regularly collaborate on each other’s YouTube channels. These occasions usually involve Jones challenging Thompson to punch him or kick him as hard as he can. But in a recent video, their competition took on a slightly healthier form: they each tried to win over the other in three viral fitness challenges that have proven popular on TikTok.

100-second dead hang

What makes this more difficult is that they’re hanging from a rotating bar, making it a test of their grip strength. “I’m already about to fall, immediately,” says Thompson just seconds after taking hold of the bar. He lasts 40 seconds before dropping. “That is hard, bro!” He says. “I really gave it all I got.”

Jones gives the bar his all too, and manages to make it further along, holding on for 89 seconds before falling.

Ab roller challenge

This core-torching exercise requires the participant to navigate their way around several eggs on the ground sing an ab roller without breaking any of them. “My glutes cramped!” Says Jones after a successful first attempt which also saw him show off his core strength by fully descending and then rising up out of the movement.

The pair continue to add more and more eggs to their “track” until they have each successfully navigated around five. Then, to increase difficulty, they space the fifth egg out further and further, until Jones extends out so far and flat that he cracks one of the eggs on his “abs of steel.”

Box jump

The third and final event is a tie-breaker, as Jones and Thompson have each won a challenge. They start off easily enough, jumping 9, 12, 21, 27, and 30 inches. Things get a little more challenging as the box gets bigger, from 39 to 45 to 48 to 51 inches. When they get to 54 inches, Jones is the only one who can make the jump, which means he is the winner of the overall challenge. But Thompson is curious to see just how high the bodybuilder can go, and so they keep adding to the box until Jones reaches his limit at a staggering 60 inches.

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