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LeAnn Rimes’ ‘Unmasked’ Bikini Pic Sparks Psoriasis Question


LeAnn revealed that her bikini pic was taken during an anniversary trip with her husband, Eddie Cibrian. The couple has now been married for a decade.

In her essay, LeAnn admitted that she wasn’t sure if her nude photoshoot would make her feel comfortable enough to wear shorts to the grocery store during a flare-up. Because she clearly managed to get her psoriasis back under control before her romantic getaway, she didn’t have to decide whether or not to cover up wile hanging out at the pool with Eddie, who has said that he doesn’t even notice her psoriasis. 

“Before this shoot, my husband would look at me like, ‘I don’t even see that,’ which I obviously didn’t understand. I’d think, How can’t you see it?! It’s all over me!” LeAnn wrote. “I think I see what he sees now.”


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