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Learn The Fundamentals of Meditation in This Week’s ‘Ask Men’s Health’


Chances are you have either tried it yourself, or you know someone who has. Either way, the ancient practice of meditation has become big business in recent years with everyone from pro athletes, to CEOs and everyday people using it as part of their daily routine.

Whatever your motivations are to meditate – be it as a high-performance tool or simply to get to know yourself a little better – it’s worth first getting acquainted with the basics. 

And that’s the plan with this episode of ‘Ask Men’s Health’. With the help of expert Manoj Dias, we strip away some of the confusion around meditation and offer clear practical advice on both how to get started and, crucially, how to get the most out of your practice. Starting with unpacking the cultural history of meditation, we look at things like how often to meditate, when to do it and what the benefits are. Good news for those of you who, like us, have hips as stiff as a board, Dias explains the lotus position is not a must. (Thank goodness.)

If you like what you hear, (and if we’re wagering you will), check out the work Dias is doing with his online platform Open. Offering reasonably priced group meditations online, Dias is making the practice accessible and inclusive. Particularly if you are just getting started, it’s worth spending some time learning from the likes of Dias to ensure you are on the right track. And if we needed any more proof that he is the man to guide us on our meditation journey, Dias has literally written the book on the matter. Published through Hardie Grant, Still Together is out now and well worth adding to your reading list.

Enjoy the episode – and get meditating!


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